Friday, March 21, 2014

A sport that I really like to play is Soccer. Soccer is my first sport and I really like it. when I was a little boy I only play soccer and my soccer team always got first place. I think soccer make me happy because when I got mad or anger I go to the soccer field and play soccer and feel better. When I growth up I want to professional in  soccer and  want to have a nice family. I want to have a sons because I want to teach him how to play soccer and become professional too. I also want to have a great family and live in a peaceful place. I don't want to live a place with a like of people because I don't want to see people murders each other. I want to live in a normal house and I want to have a dogs. When I growth up I want to have family because I think family make you happy, excellent kids. You never get tried playing with kids. Sometime I watch my little brother fall asleep because it funny when a kids fall asleep and they look adorable. I also want to have a nice car because car is my second dream. I like to drive a car I don't know why but it make me feel good when I drive a car. When I have a house I going to plane a tree, tree make your house look beautiful and it make a bird come and rest. I like watching playing and rest because it make me happy. When I live in Thailand I always went to jungle to see difference animals and hunting. My house in Thailand I have a lot of animals, I have a chicken, duck, pig, cat and rabbit. Some days I will go back to my country and see my my animal again. I miss them so much.

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