Thursday, June 12, 2014

End of the year reflection post

When I start the art class I think I going to fail the class and it going to be really hear class. It turn out I wrong about it, art class is the easier class I ever have in this school also I learn a lot of think. Now I know how to draw and paint. In summer ifI boring I can draw and paint by myself. I learn a lot of think in art class and I look forward to have another year of art class. I think everyone should know how to draw and paint, if you don't you need to take a art class. Also the art teacher are really nice and she will helpyou step  by step.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Time Capsule

My name is bah moo. Now I open my box 20 years from the past. I remember the picture outside the box, now it remind  me of my friends, when we use to play soccer together it was really fun. It a good memory to me  because after collage i become a soccer player and  now I retired for soccer. I remember when my first year for Haddon Twp school and they put me in a varsity soccer team and we won the state champion. Now everything change, the world is getting destroy by people i mean destroy by people is people build more robot that we don't have to do anything. Most of the people have robot and  they tell the  robot to do everything for the human, people are getting so lazy. Now this world have more war then the past 20 years, people are getting hungry and we have less good. people fighting for food and water. Inside of my I put a pencil and now we don't use pencil anymore, bow we only technology.

Friday, March 21, 2014

A sport that I really like to play is Soccer. Soccer is my first sport and I really like it. when I was a little boy I only play soccer and my soccer team always got first place. I think soccer make me happy because when I got mad or anger I go to the soccer field and play soccer and feel better. When I growth up I want to professional in  soccer and  want to have a nice family. I want to have a sons because I want to teach him how to play soccer and become professional too. I also want to have a great family and live in a peaceful place. I don't want to live a place with a like of people because I don't want to see people murders each other. I want to live in a normal house and I want to have a dogs. When I growth up I want to have family because I think family make you happy, excellent kids. You never get tried playing with kids. Sometime I watch my little brother fall asleep because it funny when a kids fall asleep and they look adorable. I also want to have a nice car because car is my second dream. I like to drive a car I don't know why but it make me feel good when I drive a car. When I have a house I going to plane a tree, tree make your house look beautiful and it make a bird come and rest. I like watching playing and rest because it make me happy. When I live in Thailand I always went to jungle to see difference animals and hunting. My house in Thailand I have a lot of animals, I have a chicken, duck, pig, cat and rabbit. Some days I will go back to my country and see my my animal again. I miss them so much.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Fortune cookie

I draw a lot of  money in my picture. I think the meaning of my fortune cookie is money because it say your credits are piling up. I can't think of better meaning. The meaning of my picture is might be wrong but it ok with me. I not a very good draw and i didn't finish but I tried so hard on this. I think I get better at art. Also I have to color my picture and fix the draw little bit.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Pop Print

The name of this picture is Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang have a lot of meaning, Asian people say Yin and Yang is for peace. They say light and drak, high and low, hot and cold and fire and water. I think is picture look cool that why I pick this one and have a lot of good meaning.

Art x three

To be honest I don't really know what is the meaning of my picture but I think I did good. I have so many eyes in my picture because in this world we have camera every where and hater. If you popular you can't act like normal people because you have more hater and camera on you.