Thursday, June 12, 2014

End of the year reflection post

When I start the art class I think I going to fail the class and it going to be really hear class. It turn out I wrong about it, art class is the easier class I ever have in this school also I learn a lot of think. Now I know how to draw and paint. In summer ifI boring I can draw and paint by myself. I learn a lot of think in art class and I look forward to have another year of art class. I think everyone should know how to draw and paint, if you don't you need to take a art class. Also the art teacher are really nice and she will helpyou step  by step.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Time Capsule

My name is bah moo. Now I open my box 20 years from the past. I remember the picture outside the box, now it remind  me of my friends, when we use to play soccer together it was really fun. It a good memory to me  because after collage i become a soccer player and  now I retired for soccer. I remember when my first year for Haddon Twp school and they put me in a varsity soccer team and we won the state champion. Now everything change, the world is getting destroy by people i mean destroy by people is people build more robot that we don't have to do anything. Most of the people have robot and  they tell the  robot to do everything for the human, people are getting so lazy. Now this world have more war then the past 20 years, people are getting hungry and we have less good. people fighting for food and water. Inside of my I put a pencil and now we don't use pencil anymore, bow we only technology.